We’re back!

We here at ThinkPlot took an extended winter holiday. I’m originally from Norway, and I wanted to experience a Norwegian summer again after some 11 years in Australia, and as projects lined up and created a gap of the right size, I jumped on a plane with the family for the month of July. But,… Continue Reading

Introducing Affluxant

We just released our free UX research and testing tool to the world. Come have a look. Affluxant started with an itch we couldn’t scratch. There’s tons of good UX tools out there, but very few for the professional tester. And, as it turned out, even fewer that were super easy to set up, easy… Continue Reading

All UX processes are wrong

The most important part of “User Experience” is the latter word. That is the perennial truth that has lurked up on me over the years, and now is pouncing at me like cat playing with its target. It’s not that I haven’t known or noticed this before, it’s more about how all-encompassing it has become… Continue Reading

New beginnings

Hi there. And welcome to the ThinkPlot blog, another UX-centered blog. Over the years I’ve thought about a million things I wanted to say, but never found the place or time to say it. That’s now going to change. Watch this space.